Home is Where the Server Is: The Infinite OSRS Experience

Where do I begin? The Discord server, Infinite OSRS, is not just a community, it's a second home, an ever-expanding family that fills each moment with camaraderie, encouragement, and fun-filled events. From the moment my application was reviewed, I was enveloped in a warmth that is seldom found in online gaming communities. The server shines with its wholesome atmosphere, displaying an exceptional mixture of fun and friendship that keeps you coming back for more!

Every new member is welcomed with open arms, our digital "Welcome!" resounding in chorus, just as if we're greeting a long-lost friend. In Infinite OSRS, every question is valued, every voice is heard, and every member is cherished. There's a genuine feel of inclusivity that makes it stand out from the crowd. It's an environment where beginners blossom into pros, and where members are not just participants, but family. There is an undeniable sense of camaraderie among us, as we cheer each other on in battles, celebrate milestones, and even rally together in times of defeat. The willingness of veterans to mentor the newcomers is a testament to the family spirit that Infinite OSRS fosters.

And don’t even get me started on the events! The server runs a variety of them frequently, ensuring there's never a dull moment. From learner classes which teach even beginners how to conquer the world’s toughest bosses, skill of the month which at the time of writing probably led to an environmental crisis due to the number of trees logged, to even clue scroll hunting or venturing into the wilderness together to fuel that adventurous spirit. They don't merely foster our shared love for OSRS but also create beautiful moments of fun, teamwork, and comradery that we share with pride both on our Discord and beyond.

But what truly sets Infinite OSRS apart is not the events or the diligent efforts of the team that works so hard to bring them to us. It's the heartwarming interactions, the sharing of life's ups and downs, and the relentless positivity that members bring to the server each day. We laugh together, we learn together, and we game together. That's the Infinite OSRS way.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a place where gaming marries friendship and support, then Infinite OSRS is the place for you. You're not just joining a server, you're joining a family. Here, in the realms of the digital world, we've built a home where everyone is welcome. Infinite OSRS isn't just about Old School RuneScape; it's about forming real connections with real people.

Thank you, Infinite OSRS, for not just being a server, but a place where gamers transform into a family. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this wonderful community.

Good luck with the grind and I’ll see you there!

I have been in Infinite for about 3 months and it is my first time in a clan on OSRS. It is super organized. The vibe is amazing, friendly, welcoming, and motivating as well! The clan consists of PVMing, Raids, and Skilling from people of all skill ranges and levels. I am mostly a skiller, but I am slowly but surely transitioning into PVMing more. The advice and tips I receive from other clan members is amazing! Lots of experience players who have played the game for years or just getting back into OSRS after a break. There is a Wellness & Support page for your mental health which is great! If you ever need someone to talk to or just need some consoling do not hesitate to speak to someone. Best part is that it is a casual active clan and no heavy requirements like some other clans where they require you donate, kill a certain monster, raids this many times, pvp target amounts, and total levels. Which is why I choose to be in Infinite, there are events that happen and encourage people to attend. Be active in the clan chats, motivating and be kind!

More than a clan, more than a family. It's hard to put in to words the feeling I get from being part of this clan. The people I've met in Infinite are the most beautiful souls I've had the pleasure to meet, and they really are a mixture of friends and family. Game wise, everyone is so supportive, and the clan leader (who is wonderful) works tirelessly to provide clan events and an incredible safe space for OSRS veterans and new players alike. Love you, Infinite! ❤️

"I've joined the clan little over a week ago and since i've been here everyone has been so helpful and so supportive towards every situation. Good mix of people from different time zones to accommodate everyones. A mixed group of people whos doing all different sorts of content. Ironman friendly which is a bonus! New or experienced players are well looked after. A good bunch of support staff thats always willing to help. Overall a brilliant clan!"

"This clan has it all! I've been a part of Infinite OSRS for over a year now and I love the family vibe that this clan offers! Everyone supports each other here and it has a very friendly vibe, not to mention the countless events and other unique channels in the Discord! I've enjoyed every moment here and look forward to what the future will bring with this clan!"

"Can confirm this is THE BEST clan in Old School RuneScape! It is a breath of fresh air being a member of the Infinite OSRS clan; in game, and in Discord. They 100% keep it real! No BS, no drama, and especially NO toxicity - they have such an incredible team that works diligently to maintain that and I can't say enough good things about each and every one of them! <3 The clan members are pretty amazing - shoutout to each and every one of you! <3

We go above and beyond to make the place feel like home and a 'safe space' for all types of players and people, regardless of experience or skill levels. Everyone is family and welcomed with open arms. Many thanks to our Infinites (current and future) for joining and contributing to the Infinite OSRS Community! We love you!"

"I was able to join into Infinite OSRS a few months ago. Given I haven't been apart of a clan before, I had no idea what to expect. However, a few months in, I can say, without a doubt that this is the most welcoming community I have been apart of. For me, personally I have been blown away with the positivity within Discord and from members within Runescape itself. Additionally, I enjoy that each member is approachable and always willing to help you with knowledge about the game, regardless of your level.

There's so many events planed each month that allow all of us to connect with each other, understand each other, and rally behind the game we all love and enjoy.

I would admit that at times, I found myself stalling within the game. Yet, after joining Infinite OSRS, I found myself wanting to play again... not to mention, actually making some great friends. I would say Infinite OSRS is truthfully the most genuine community around. I'm excited to see what the future holds!"

"I've been in 3 or 4 clans since I started RuneScape back in 2001, Andy it's always turned into the same thing. Members fought, scammed, and were straight up awful to each other. Then my irl friends quit and I figured I'd just be playing by myself from then on. Until I came across infinite, and immediately I knew I had found my new home. This clan is so well organized from the top to the bottom, everybody has a voice. Everyone is accepted from all walks of life, no judgement, no hate, no toxicity. And there's so many activities for maxed and new players alike. I just joined a couple of weeks ago, and I already feel like part of the family. I'm proud to say, I'm Infinite."

"This is the best clan I have been in no other clan competes with this clan , I have never felt so welcomed in my life, and meet some awesome people so far and can't wait to meet more 👌💯💯"

"I played RuneScape back before it was OSRS and RS3. I was used to a toxic chat and players that were even more so. When I joined Infinite OSRS, I was expecting the same, but they proved me wrong. They are helpful, know far more than the people I’ve run in to about this game, and they have ZERO issues helping out the new people. This is more than a guild or clan, this is like a family. They check up on the people that aren’t doing well IRL. If you are looking for an escape from the toxic communities that used to riddle this game, join this clan. In the famous words of Cayde-6, “this is the best bet I ever made.”"

"I joined the clan about 7 months ago and I currently serve as a clan monitor. Infinite OSRS is the best clan I have ever been apart. We have many features such as skill of the month, boss of the week, mental health checks, and much more. We love the celebrate the successes of all our members. No matter what your walk in life is, you will be welcomed with open arms. Infinite is a very welcoming OSRS clan but does not tolerate negativity/toxicity. Rest assured that if you are treated badly by a member and it is reported/observed it will be corrected. I have seen first hand all that goes into protecting our members. It is a super positive environment and "Help will always be given at Infinite to those who ask for it" ~ Dumbledore. Come join the Infinite Family! :)"