Meet The Infinite OSRS
Moderator Team

Owner, Founder
& Leader
Kelly | United States

Hi there! I'm Kelly, the very proud owner of Infinite OSRS. I'm 30 years old and I reside in Nebraska, USA. I also have an OSRS-themed Etsy shop, Infinite Pinning and Creations!

In-game, you can find me either ticking off goals on my Main or my Ironwoman. I love to skill and I love to chill. The Wilderness is basically my home and I’m out there literally every chance I get, too! I enjoy it so much and I personally love the “fear” factor of it all. It's definitely my favorite place to be. I'm addicted to Wintertodt and Tempoross, and I also have a weakness for Nex and Zulrah - but I enjoy pretty much any and all content! 

IRL, I’ve spent most of my life in the organic farming industry, so farming and gardening are some of my absolute favorite things to do on this earth. I have a 10,000+ seed collection (all tucked away in a moving box… somewhere) that I’m quite proud of, and I love to save seeds each year to crossbreed and create new hybrid varieties. I am also a huge foodie and an amazing chef! You’ll always find me in the kitchen, trying a new recipe or perfecting an old one. I love to spend my free time time reading, or with my family and my fur babies.

Dex/Jerry | Canada

Hey there, I'm Dex, or Jerry if you wish to call me that.

I've been playing OSRS on and off since I was about 12 or so years old and when Group Ironman came out, I made a group with some friends I met online and have been playing my GIM since! Taken breaks here and there, but now finally am diving head first with the long term goal of maxing the account!

At the moment though, I'm working on getting the quest cape and slowly getting my stats up so I can tackle some of the raids. Outside of OSRS, I like to play mostly multiplayer games with my small groups of friends, ranging from shooters to even farming games like Stardew Valley which is one of my favorites. When I'm not gaming, I'm probably out at the rock climbing gym tackling a whole new kind of puzzle.

I was told people who really like to play games will naturally like to tackle bouldering, which is the style of rock climbing I prefer doing at the moment and it has been a blast!

Meet The Infinite OSRS
Discord Coordinator Team

Discord Coordinator
Jess | United Kingdom

Hey there! Jess from the UK here. I'm 24 and love all things gaming. Growing up with two older brothers definitely influenced my love for games and it has thankfully never left my side! I am relatively new to the OSRS world; started playing at the beginning of 2023 and have never looked back.

I love learning about all the different content that is within in the game, and exploring it as much as humanly possible! I find it hard picking a favourite skill as I jump between them a lot, however I often get drawn back to Slayer!

In the far future, I want to start my journey into fighting bosses and potentially learning how to get that fire cape.

Outside of gaming, I have my wonderful partner-in-crime and our doggo Max! I love spending time with them going for walkies and having chill days at home - it's just the best ❤️

Meet The Infinite OSRS
Voice Chat Coordinator Team

Voice Chat Coordinator
Kristy | United States

Trialing Voice Chat Coordinator
Bert | United States

Meet The Infinite OSRS
Team Members

Gavin | United States

Hey there! My name is Gavin, and I am 25 years old.

I started playing RuneScape when I was 7 years old; it was an important game in my childhood. I began playing Old School RuneScape in 2018 and have played on and off for the last six years. This year, I told myself I would take OSRS seriously and work towards maxing my account.

In-game, I like to do clues, PVM, and work towards earning my quest cape. I also have a low-level Ironman account that I enjoy playing as well. When I’m not playing OSRS, I like to play FPS multiplayer games such as Valorant. I also try to keep up with new single-player games as they come out.

When I’m not gaming, I love spending time with my family and enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, or simply going for a walk.

Josh | United States

Like many of us, I played RuneScape as a teenager and fell in love with Old School as soon as I discovered it.

I currently play almost exclusively on my duo group ironman account with a fellow clanmate in which I hope to max over the next few years.

Outside of the game, I have a strong passion for nature, my pets, and sports, specifically my beloved Detroit Red Wings. 

Clan Guardian
Emily | Canada

Hey there! My name is Emily, I’m 23 years old and from Canada!

I was introduced to Runescape as a 6 year old and loved watching my older sister play and was often allowed to slay some goblins for her, and though I never really understood what was going on, I always cherished those memories. A few years ago, I heard about OSRS and was excited to give it a try, and have been enjoying it a lot!

In game I really enjoy quests, chasing collection logs and doing some Slayer! I have been working my way up and enjoying some bossing content more recently which is very exciting for me!

Outside of OSRS, I am a huge animal lover, farmer, traveller and I love to read! The last 10 years, I have had the honour of being a fur mama to the craziest, goofiest retired racehorse named Beau, and have two German Shepherds! 🫶🏻