Infinite OSRS Team Rankings

Key Icon - Clan Owner & Leader
Guardian Shield (Purple) - Lead Moderator & Moderators
Protector Shield (Orange) - Trialing Moderators
Warden Shield (Green) - Monitors
Justicar Shield (White) - Clan Lookouts

Infinite OSRS Clan Rankings

Orange Gem - Zenyte
Black Gem - Onyx
Purple Gem - Dragonstone
White Gem - Diamond
Red Gem - Ruby
Green Gem - Emerald
Blue Gem - Sapphire
Pink Gem - Red Topaz
Jade Gem - Jade
Light Tan Gem - Opal

Infinite OSRS Rules

Rules are established to promote safety, fairness, order, and ethics -- among many other things. By providing a clear set of expectations and consequences, rules help to create a more organized and functional society. And last, but certainly not least, they keep our members safe by setting standards for behavior and preventing dangerous or harmful situations from taking place. We're all just here to have fun, at the end of the day, and it's important for us to maintain that continuous level of integrity.

You Must Be 18+ to Join Our Server

- This reduces our risk for any underage situations to occur.

No Clan Hopping or Multi-Clanning
- We understand that you want to keep things fun and fresh, but we've worked hard to build this community and it means a lot to us to have a safe place to call home without members coming and going on a daily basis. All of your active accounts are required to be a part of Infinite OSRS. (This does include GIM accounts, Ironman accounts, etc.) If we find that you have a main account in another clan, you will be removed from our community.

No Tolerance for Negativity, Drama or Bad Vibes
- This includes, but is not limited to: extreme language, being disruptive, trash talking, toxic behavior or re-postings, bullying, abusive language such as "aids" or "cancer" references, threats, racism, political debates, religion debates, child or human abuse, animal abuse, shaming, nudity, or sexual comments and advances. Please keep your clan and Discord conversations appropriate.

No Harassment, No Begging, Spamming, Solicitations, or Promotions
- This rule includes and prohibits begging, soliciting, joining only for the purpose of receiving donations, indirectly asking for donations, claiming inability to make money in a public space, and similar behaviors. In addition, this rule also includes harassing any of our Team Members or Infinite Members with constant or repetitive messaging, harassment about not making SotM/BotW competition cut-off's, etc. In addition, please no solicitation or promotion of any kinds (this includes advertising other Discord servers, Facebook groups, or clans).

At Infinite, we prioritize the growth of our family, and we do not operate as a handouts or donations clan. While we do not discourage gifting other members with GP/items, we kindly request that you maintain a respectful level. If you decide to donate to a member, please do so privately and avoid broadcasting it in our Discord or Clan Chat to prevent unnecessary attention.

No Drug or Pornography Discussions
- We do not allow any topics such as weed + other recreationally used drugs, or pornography debates + discussions. Alcohol can be talked about respectfully in our #food-and-beverage-delight channel.

No Bought Accounts + Real World Trading + Services + RWT Discussions
- These topics are against Jagex TOS and a reportable offense in game. No bought accounts or services are to be used in our clan or RWT (Real World Trading) discussions or topics to be discussed at any point in time. If we find you are participating in RWTing, you will be banned from our community.

- We love giveaways as much as you do, but we aren't particularly a fan of spontaneous, large sum giveaways without any said knowledge of events taking place or knowledge of the safety of said event. There are many lures out there and many account hacks, and our main job here is to protect you. We ask that all giveaways be either approved by a Moderator before taking place or organized via the Falador Party Room.

General Responsibility of your Account
- We take no responsibility for any issues or happenstances occurring outside of the Infinite OSRS community, as well as with other Members. Your own personal OSRS account and/or any decisions you may make are at your own discretion, so please remember to take a moment and think them through before moving forward and potentially risking your account.